A Noob Divided Cannot Noob! is the twenty-sixth episode overall and the twenty-sixth episode in season one of Supernoobs.


The overwhelming pressures of living together cause Mem and Zen to get angry at each other's nighttime habits, move out of their Earth house and bitterly end their friendship. The Noobs try to get Mem and Zen back together.


At Memnock and Zenblock's house late at night, Zen is seen fast asleep in his own bed the bedroom that he shares with Mem but Mem is not seen in his bed as he is in the kitchen being obsessed over cooking his favorite midnight snack, which was an egg dish with coriander in it. Mem accidentally bumps his head on one of the shelves and goes on to state that the kitchen was too small and that it needed to be a little bigger, Meanwhile, Zen jumps out of his bed and starts doing kung fu moves all over the house while he was still asleep, destroys Mem's bed, and sleepwalks all the way into the kitchen while Mem is still cooking and he ends up hitting Mem, destroys the snack he was cooking, and slips onto a messy puddle Mem made from his cooking, which wakes Zen up. Zen becomes angry at Mem due to the mess he made in the kitchen and states that he has grown tired of Mem's "midnight snacking" when he should be in his own bed getting some much needed rest. Mem, upset over the fact that Zen destroyed the snack he was going to have angrily states that he has grown tired of Zen's "sleepfighting" and criticizes him for not seeing a professional to deal with the problem. The duo gets into a nasty argument, which turns hostile as they both end up destroying a lot of the house again until they succumb to tiredness and fall asleep.

The next morning, the Noobs head over to Mem and Zen's house for further training only to find Mem and Zen fast asleep on the backyard porch with their house a total mess. The Noob wake Mem and Zen up only for them to start arguing again before falling back asleep and being woken up by Shope, who is starting to grow tired of the way Mem and Zen were immaturely handling the situation. Both Mem and Zen, whom are heavily sleep deprived and cranky and grumpy for their lack of proper sleep continue to argue, complaining about each others grievances, the discomfort of living together, and the cramped up space in the house until Mem finally states that he has had enough and that he was moving out and a few seconds later, Zen states that he was moving out too and that he and Mem are not friends anymore with them both going their separate ways. Zen moves in to Tyler's house and crashes on his couch at night only to start his sleepwalking again while causing some damage to Tyler's house but Tyler is able to stop further damage and hide Zen in a pile of stuffed animals before Tyler's mother comes to notice. Meanwhile, Mem moves in to Kevin's house and is starting to cook his midnight snack again while asking Shope, Kevin, and Roach to get the supplies he needed to create the snack while desiring to have them try out his dish. However, the three end up getting tired and say that they needed sleep and are too tired to help Mem cook or eat his dish and forgot to get Mem saffron, which results in Mem throwing a small fit before teleporting himself to Roach's house.

The Noobs get together to discuss the situation about having Mem and Zen in their houses, saying that they have grown tired of them living in their houses and want them out and into their own house. They come to the conclusion that in order to get Mem and Zen back into their own house, they needed to find a way to get Mem and Zen to become friends again. Shops suggests having Mem and Zen engage in a fun recreational activity that would make them forget about their silly feud towards each other. They rent two swan shaped paddleboats and trick both Mem and Zen into coming to Cornbury park pond by lying to them, stating that they would each of them would be all by themselves, not see each other and have enough room to have fun with their paddleboats. Mem is enthusiastic about paddleboating until he sees Zen in the other paddleboat and realizes the situation the Noobs were trying to put him in, saying that it was not going to work. Zen tells Mem to leave the park, cruelly and viciously insults Mem by calling him ugly and then farts at Mem in a crude and obnoxious matter which results in Mem exploding into a huge fit of rage and turn his paddleboat into a fighting machine with Zen doing the same as they continue to fight until they both destroy each others ships and leave the park in an angry matter, causing Shope's plan to backfire miserably. Tyler suggests that they throw a party for Mem and Zen, inviting all their alien friends to the party so Mem and Zen would socialize with their friends, forget about their feud, and be friends again. They hold the party at an undisclosed house and all of Mem and Zen's alien friends attend and Mem and Zen also attend but to do not known that they were both in the house at the same time because of the cramped space and the amount of guests. After struggling to get through the crowds. Mem and Zen bump into each other, which results in them getting angry again, have another fight, and shoot at the house's ceiling with their extractor guns to voice out their discomfort in cramped up spaces, which frightens the guests out of the house.

Mem and Zen later get out of the house while stating that they never want to see each other again before leaving causing Tyler's plan to fail. The Noobs finally realize under Roach's suggestion and through Mem and Zen's destruction of the house ceiling that Mem and Zen had their nasty feud and moved out in the first place because they were both too uncomfortable at living in their own house as the house they were living in was designed for humans and was too small to fit two large aliens and allow them both to do their favorite hobbies comfortably. The Noobs head straight to work on Mem and Zen's house using their battleballs and drag Mem and Zen into their house the next day to surprise them despite their tantrums and protesting. They get Mem and Zen into an elevator installed into the house and take Zen to a bedroom with a large comfy bed and a lot of fighting props while stating that the bedroom was specially designed just for Zen to use and a sleep deprived Zen tries out his brand new bedroom, stating that he loves it. The Noobs take Mem down to another room, which turns out to be a large state of the art kitchen with stoves and refrigerators stocked with all of Memnock's favorite foods, including eggs and coriander, which makes Mem gleeful and willing to try out the kitchen, making his favorite dish for himself, Zen, and the noobs to have for lunch. Mem and Zen after becoming more relaxed from doing their favorite activities later apologize to each other for their behavior during lunch and reconcile, becoming friends and roommates again in the process. The relaxed Mem then tells the Noobs that he will give being roommates with Zen one more shot. Zen later complains that the dining room attached to kitchen also needs fixing up due to the table being too small with the noobs saying they will fix it up in the morning and fall asleep before trying out Mem's dish with Zen commenting on how delicious the dish is.




Running Gags

  • Zen sleep fighting and wrecking up rooms
  • Mem cooking and making messes on the kitchen
  • Mem and Zen arguing and fighting violently
  • The Noobs getting covered in dirt and dust as a result of Mem and Zen's fighting.
  • Several main characters showing tiredness and abruptly falling asleep.

International Dates


  • The episode's title is a reference to "A House Divided Cannot Stand" from the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.
  • This episode furthers Memnock's interest of cooking. In this exploration of Memnock's interest, the episode heavily implies that Memnock finds his hobby of cooking to be a form of stress relief
  • This episode marks the second song of the series.
  • This episode marks the first time Memnock and Zenblock stopped being friends.
    • It also marks their first focus plot for the episode.
  • The episode's plot is very similar to the plot of the 48th episode of the Cartoon Network show, Clarence with the episode called "The Break up" in which friends Jeff and Sumo decide to split up after a nasty argument with the lead character taking drastic measures to get them back together. That episode aired less than 5 months before this one.
  • The episode's plot is also similar to the Johnny Test episode " Guess Who's coming to Johnny's for Dinner" as in that episode, Mr Black moves into the Test family house after his friend, Mr. White cuts off his friendship with him due to a lie that Mr. Black waid about his dancing in a talent competition. That episode also involved a governmental agent moving into a main character's house after his friendship with another agent ends in a nasty fashion and that agent ends up unintentionally causing trouble and stress on the main character, prompting that character to get both agents to reconcile.




A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!
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Transcript can be found here: A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!/Transcripts

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