The Bee Hive planet is a planet in the Super Noobs universe. It is currently ruled over by Princess Parsa, the princess of the bee planet and was taken over by Queen Beeanca and her swarm. This planet once experienced a massive swink eye outbreak, infecting all of its inhabitants, including Queen Beeanca and possibly causing an intergalactic pandemic and infecting many other people as well, including some of Princess Parsa's people, and Memnock and Zenblock and causing them, Beeanca, and all of her people to experience temporary blindness. The outbreak caused Beeanca to accidentally start a war between her planet and Princess Parsa's as Beeanca accidentally hits the planet destruct switch instead of the hyperspeed button as she intended to get eye drops from Beta Sector to use for herself and her citizens.

General description

The Bee Hive planet is a sphere and looks like honey-combs outside of the planet. There is a special entrance to the planet.

Known places

  • Control Room - Parsa cut a hole to get to the control room and see Queen Beeanca.


  • There is no exact name for the planet.



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