Coach Hutz is the gym teacher/football coach at Cornbury Middle School.


Coach Hutz is a very military-like coach, for he is very strict and determined to win no matter what it takes. Although he does seem to have some type of mental disorder which can be clearly noticed by the look of his face and the way he acts, that does not stop him from coaching kids at Cornbury Middle School. He seems to hate Kevin most likely due to his constant goofing off and carefree behavior. Coach Huntz, like many of the other Cornbury Middle School employees is also eccentric as he is obsessed with blowing his whistle a lot and yells frequently at the students and the football team. He also acts like a bit of a crybaby sometimes whenever the schools sports teams are losing a game.

Physical Appearance

Coach Hutz is very muscular and wears a blue and white shirt with matching shoes and cap atop brown hair. He also wears red and white gym shorts and always has a whistle around his neck.


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