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General Blorgon is a supporting character in Super Noobs. He is the leader of the Benevolent Alliance, a society to take out the virus.




As the leader of the Benevolent Alliance, General Blorgon is shown to be strict, serious, and sometimes harsh. He expects a lot from the virus warriors and those who work for him and he does not tolerate any form of goofing around from anyone. He uses a lot of harsh and unorthodox methods to show that he does not tolerate any form of irresponsibility or immaturity as he is known to confiscate battleballs from anyone he deems to be unworthy of wielding them, places new candidates through many brutal and gruesome tests, and it is implied in "Dude, Where's My Noob?" that he sucks brains out of anyone who is irresponsible enough to misplace their battleballs, though he does greatly reward those who keep a close eye on their battleballs by giving them free tickets to an intergalactic waterpark. He also gets irritated by immaturity and childishness from people like Memnock and Zenblock but he does use immature behavior from anyone to his advantage as he gave Memnock and Zenblock gift certificates to a kids store called Stuff-A-Puppy, to test them on how well they take care of the Noobs. He is also shown to be very smart as he has mind reading powers and he also seems to be good as knowing when people lie to him as in "Noob Kids On The Block" when he shows disbelief and slight mistrust when Memnock lies to him by stating that he and Zenblock did not oversleep when they clearly overslept as they were still wearing their pajamas in the afternoon and Zen showed signs of tiredness.

Despite his harsh and strict personality, General Blorgon does display a carefree and childish side to him as first evidenced in Noobs of the Round Table as he displayed a childlike fascination with Earth culture like Memnock and Zenblock do. In that episode, Blorgon and his associates started to frequently visit Earth while using the excuse of inspecting the Noob's battle balls so they could have fun with Earth Culture. Blorgon also showed a liking to plush puppies in the same episode.


Memnock & Zenblock

S1 E14 GB with Mem and Zen
General Blorgon is Mem and Zen's superior officer and because of this, his relationship with them can be described as similar to that of a general and his soldiers but it can occasionally take form of a father-son kind of relationship as Blorgon wants Mem and Zen to succeed in training the Noobs to be great warriors. Blorgon sees Mem and Zen as a couple of bumbling soldiers who often act childishly and he does not like in when they stall him in any way such as when they did so in Dude, Where's My Noob? and he seemed to know better when Memnock lied to hm about sleeping in too late in Noob Kids on The Block. General Blorgon seems to know about the fact the Mem and Zen behave like little children a lot as he used their childish behavior to his advantage by giving them Stuff-A-Puppy gift certifcates to test them in Noobs Of The Round Table.


  • His appearance is a reference to the song "I'm Blue" by the blue man group.


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