The Glee Club is a middle school dancing and singing club composed of four students that try their best to beat everyone including the Supernoobs. At the end of Noob Kids on the Block, they got infected by the elimination virus and tried to destroy the Noobs.


There are 4 unnamed members in the Glee Club. One of them is muscular and wears a white shirt with blue stripes at the end of the arms and on the collar. He also wears red jeans, has black average hair, and blue sneakers.

The next one has swiped up hair that is a mix of blonde and brown. He wears a white shirt with blue strips at the end of the arms and on the collar. He also has blue jeans, red sneakers, and a red belt with a silver buckle.

One of them has curly brown hair in a bun and a red turtleneck. She also wears purple eye shadow, circle gold earrings, a blue skirt, and blue sneakers with red socks.

The last one has long brown hair with bangs and a headband. She wears a red jacket with white aspects. She also has a blue shirt with red ballerina slippers and white socks with frills at the end.


Noob Kids on the Block

In "Noob Kids on the Block", the Noobs signed up for a dance off and The Glee Club sings a song about how they will beat them. Later in the episode, an elimination virus gets loose and during their performance they become infected by it and try to destroy the Noobs. They are defeated by Shope's final electrical blast during their song.


S1 E7 Glee Club
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