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Happy Noob-o-ween is the thirty-second episode overall of Super Noobs and the thirty-second episode of the season.


Mem and Zen try to grasp Halloween while the noobs try to stop infected people at the Halloween fair.[1]


The episode starts with the Noobs dressed up in Halloween costumes, ready for the celebration. Mem and Zen ask the Noobs about what Halloween is. The Noobs explain that it is a time to have fun and go `trick or treating'. While Mem and Zen puzzle over this, the Noobs arrive at a horror house.

As the Noobs are eleven, they are not allowed in as the sign says `FOR THE UNDEAD AND AGES TWELVE AND OVER'. The Noobs fake their age and tell the guard that they are twelve but Roach, having not understood what is going on, clearly states that he is eleven. The Noobs try and try again but Roach still confirms that he is eleven.

Meanwhile, Mem and Zen go trick or treating by threatening people. The innocent citizens end up giving not just candy, but their prized possessions such as televisions and radios.




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Running Gags

  • Memnock and Zenblock going trick or treating and exposing their alien identities to neighbors to get tons of candy.


  • Ian James Corlett is this episode's guest voice actor.
  • Mrs. Craberton is listed in the credits but does not appear.
  • This episode reveals that Memnock and Zenblock have a huge sweet tooth for candy
  • Memnock and Zenblock's insatiable love for eating candy is a parody of Timon and Pumbaa's insatiable love for eating bugs in the Disney film "The Lion King".
  • Originally, it was going to air on October 27, but were postponed to October 29 [2].



Happy Noob-o-ween
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