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The Incredibly Amazing Man first appeared in "The Supernoobs Meet the Incredibly Amazing Man" and he appeared in that episode as one of the antagonists. He is the primary rival of the Noobs.


The Incredibly Amazing Man despite being a competent superhero and seemingly having a higher success rate and more popular than the Noobs, is a very arrogant, narcissistic, destructive, and egotistical man who does not behave as good as a normal superhero should. He prides himself in his success and often rubs it in the faces of other heroes including the Noobs. He is also very reckless as he does succeed in defeating the virus monsters and getting the job done but causes a massive amount of destruction to multiples buildings, bridges, and cars in the process. His narcissism and inflated ego blind him from seeing all the damage that he causes to Cornbury and its clear that because of this, he ends up doing more harm than good to the city. He is also obsessed with selling his own merchandise to fans. He also likes to say the words "You're Welcome" at very inappropriate times as such times make the words not make any sense. He is also very inconsiderate of others and the well being of the city as he built his Fortress of Awesomeness in the middle of city streets that were congested with heavy traffic. His terrible personality makes him a serious rival towards the noobs and because of this, he has a highly strained relationship with them.

Powers & Abilities

The Incredibly Amazing Man does not own a battle ball but has powers and abilities that he uses naturally.

  • Flight: The Incredibly Amazing Man has the ability to fly to other locations.
  • Heat Vision: This ability is a unique ability that is exclusive to the Incredibly Amazing Man. He is able to shoot out superheated lasers out from his eyes as he used it to cut a chandelier at a movie theater to stop a virus monster. Unfortunately, this power causes him to be very destructive.
  • Super Strength: The Incredibly Amazing Man can carry and throw things that no normal human being can carry.


Despite his high level of competence, The Incredibly Amazing Man several weakness that he tends to ignore all the time. He has a huge tendency to be very destructive as he is shown to have a hard time defeating his enemies without causing a lot of damage to other people's property in the process but he completely ignores this fact due to his excessive pride. His negative personality flaws, which include narcissism, arrogance, and greed are also huge weaknesses that he completely ignores as he loves to serve planets with a high population level so he can be more well known by billions of people and this allowed the Tyler, Shope, and Roach to trick him into leaving their planet and go to another one that was infested with ball pigs.


  • He is apparently a parody of Superman.
  • He apparently has caused a lot of women including Sue Newswoman and XR4TI to be attracted to him but has caused some guys including Kevin and possibly Jock Jockerson to have a similar reaction to him.
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