Memnock is a main character in Supernoobs

Physical Appearance

He's much like to Zen, except Mem has slightly sharper teeth, a dragon-like snout, and light yellow-green skin with dark olive green spots. He wears a black suit of armor with a helmet, briefs, and a green battle ball that fits in the armor, and it can be removed, though Mem has be seen without his helmet or his armor like Zen, as they both most likely wear the armor all the time to protect themselves from the strains of the virus at all times even when they sleep.

In his human form (as Bob), he's very similar to Zen, in terms of having a well built body, a similar body mold to Zen, and similar looking faces but he has blond hair, peach skin with near visible yellow spots on his arms, slightly long chin, light olive green shirt with a dark olive green sweater tied around his neck and his workout outfit in his human disguise, which is a lime green workout shirt and black running shorts are worn under his casual clothing as Mem and Zen have the tendency to wear one set of clothes over another whether they're in alien form or in human form. He also wears black shorts and black sneakers with white socks.

  • Mem (as Bob) in human form.
  • Mem in science outfit.
  • Mem in nighttime outfit.
  • Mem in game show outfit.

In his science outfit, he wears a labcoat, some goggles, and a light blue button up shirt with a dark blue tie over his armor. While in his game show host outfit, during the super cup challenge, he wears a brown suit jacket, a white button up shirt, and a lavender purple tie over his armor. At night time, he wears light blue pj's over his armor similar to Zen's night time pj's. In his basketball outfit, he wears a purple colored jersey with the benevolent alliance logo on the middle of the jersey with some orange linings surrounding it along with purple shorts that have the same orange linings.


Mem's easier on the Noobs than Zen. He also seems to love cooking but sometimes, he's obsessive over it as he's shown in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!" he's obsessed with cooking egg dishes with coriander in it, in which Zen called "Midnight Snacking". But Mem apparently sees cooking as a form of stress relief as if it's evidenced through his happy mood when he cooks and having a very relaxed mood, and a relaxed look on his face when he serves The Noobs and Zen the eggs with coriander dish for lunch after trying out his new kitchen. He works very well with Zen and does a good job mentoring the Noobs.

He's known as the nice one to the Noobs, opposed to Zen, who's mean and serious one towards Mem and the Noobs themselves. Mem's shown to be very sweet and naive, and as he has a childlike fascination with Earth, but he can be very immature and childish at times as he sometimes lets his fascination with Earth distract him from taking care of the Noobs, even though Zen does this as well. Because of this, Mem can be just as selfish as Zen and the Noobs. Such immaturity is also shown in his occasional bickering with Zen. His childishness is also seen when he wants to try out rides such as roller coasters and monorails as he was once saddened and disappointed deeply when Tyler tried told him that the theme park was closed when he wanted to go there. Mem's more easy going on children than Zen, as he tried to reason with the three Emmas when he, Zen, and the Noobs get blackmailed over their identities.

Mem shows some slight eccentricity and he's wise cracking as he jokingly suggested that the Noobs wear tiaras with their hero costumes to spicen the costumes up and that the tiaras were part of his way of "thinking outside the box", while he remains ignorant about the tiaras being used as a girls accessory. His eccentricity's also shown through his cooking obsession, when he pretended to be a game show host during the first Noobs Super Cup. Mem,s considered to be the "brains" of the duo, while Zen;s often impulsive and he let's his fists do the talking, Mem often tries to process situations to find solutions. However, he can act very dumb on occasion as he mistook a science fair for a food tasting convention and he thought that all the world's political leaders resided in a theme park attraction. He's also shown to have a higher patience level than Zen, but like Zen, Mem's also frequently annoyed and embarrassed by the irresponsible antics of the noobs and he usually falls victim to them.

He rarely gets angry but he's shown to fly into a huge fit of rage when mad as he lost his temper at Zen, when Zen made a cruel insult towards Mem, and then he tooted at him during their argument over their uncomfortable house. He does like to sleep in his own bed but not as much as Zen likes sleeping, as Mem likes to stay up until late at night to do more fun activities by himself, such as cooking, but he does get a little grumpy when he gets tired.

Powers & Abilities

As an experienced virus warrior, Mem has access to a wide variety of special powers and abilities in his disposal, and most of his powers are the same as Zen's powers. Wielding a green battle ball, Mem can use some of the powers of all the noobs, excluding Shope. These powers include but are not limited to,

  • Elasticity, Mem's capable of manipulating his own body to whatever it needs to be as he enlarged his fists in The Noob-i-nators 2: Save the Earth! to fight a bunch of virus infected citizens.
  • Enhanced Durability, Mem's body is capable of sustaining and resisting multiple injuries and wounds. He was unharmed when The Galacticus crushed him and Zen in Noobie Mama and he survived a high speed monorail crash and a paddle boat crash unharmed as well as survive a huge plummet back to earth in a prison pod without a seat belt.
  • Telekinesis, Mem can control things with his mind as first seen when he stops a bunch of paintballs from hitting him when he and Zen first meet the noobs.
  • Teleportation, Mem can use his battle ball to teleport to any location he desires whether he's outside or inside a building or place.
  • Shapeshifting, Mem and Zen use this ability primarily as a means of disguise as they currently reside on Earth, which it's known for having people be paranoid about aliens and that's the main reason why they create their Bob and Rob disguises they use whenever they go out in public. Memnock often shapeshifts into the human disguise of "Bob" They can also transform into anyone or anything that they desire.
  • Super Strength, Mem, like Roach and Zen, has the ability to carry and throw heavy objects that no normal human being can carry.
  • Aquatic Respiration, This power's apparently first seen in Super-Natural Noobs when Mem and Zen decided to go fishing and capsize their boat so they could see the fish underwater, but they did not show signs of drowning. This power is not a battle ball ability but is rather a natural ability that all of Memnock and Zen's species use, which suggest that Mem and Zen have gills in their systems that they use along with lungs to breathe on, water or air.


Even though Mem has a wide range of battle ball abilities, he can only use one battle ball ability at a time and he usually needs to ally with Zen or the Noobs to help compensate for this whenever they get into a grueling fight with virus beasts or Count Venamus. In addition, Mem's childish personality also frequently distracts him from important things, as this's a liability for him helping out the Noobs, and in any negative emotions, and he displays could negatively impact him in battle.

Like Zen, Mem also has an insatiable love for candy and he would do anything to get it, as when he and Zen got captured and tied up by Count Venamus in Noobs vs Venamus 12, as Mem and Zen try to hop over to the noobs from their ship to the Noobs neighborhood, but then Mem gets distracted by a cotton candy stand and then he stalls from meeting up with the Noobs to buy some cotton candy, which ii angered Zen, and in Happy Noob-O-ween, both Mem and Zen were severely tempted to go trick or treating before Halloween and even though Mem showed more patience and self control in this situation, but then he gives in, and then he and Zen end up exposing their alien forms to the whole neighborhood and then they ended up getting a lot of candy in the process.

He has trouble escaping from situations such as he's been tied up, or immobilized by sticky goo such as goo from insects infected with the virus.

Any problems that Mem and Zen have in their friendship can also be considered a weakness as their constant fighting amongst each other also distracts them from more important things like fighting the virus and taking care of the noobs and because of this, it can become difficult for them to value teamwork and work together at times. His reactions towards being insulted are also a weakness as evidenced by his interaction with Zen when the Noobs tried to get him and Zen to reconcile as when Zen insulted Mem in both a verbally abusive and crude fashion, Mem lost his temper at Zen. When Mem does lose his temper at moments like this, it can be difficult for others to get him to calm down as such a temper can cause Mem to be as reckless as Zen.

Like Zen, his armor and battle ball protect him from normal strains of the virus, but it doesn't protect him from biological illnesses or ailments such as Swink Eye as he became ill with this while wearing his armor in License To Noob and needed medicine for it to go away. He also became sick with the flu in “Fluper Noobs” and got infected with the virus along with Zen despite having his battle ball with him at the time.

It was also revealed in Spooker Noobs! that Mem has scoleciphobia, it's a fear of worms, as it was shown when he was afraid of cave worms


Mem and Zen

S1 E20 Mem and Zen 4
Mem shares a good but unstable friendship with Zen. Mem's Zen's best friend, recruiting partner, traveling companion, and trustworthy comrade in the Benevolent Alliance. Mem's relationship with Zen can be best described as a brother-like relationship. But Mem does care about Zen a lot, and he treats him much like a big brother would. They often fight and argue much like typical brothers do, as they argued over petty things such as selecting the noobs, and their night time hobbies and they also hit each other much like brothers would. It's very heavily implied throughout the show that Mem and Zen are actually brothers as indicated through their similar sounding names in both their alien forms and human disguised as well as through their similar physical appearances and their interactions with each other.

They also enjoyed doing a lot of activities and games together. And Mem also doesn't like being teased or bossed around, but Zen does that to him often as at one point, when Zen claimed that he could squash Mem like a bug, then Mem unexpectedly lost his temper and then he called Zen a liar, and it implied that Zen tried to do something similar to Mem when they were little, and the experience where he traumatized Mem. They're also very competitive in many things like the Noobs, ase they're competed against each other in things like snowball fights and dance offs. The implication of their brotherhood is supported in "Zooper Noobs" through an implication that Mem and Zen knew each other since they were children and that they went to the space zoo together with their parents as they both mentioned that they both loved riding the monorail at the space zoo since they were kids and they also mentioned their childhood as "our childhood" which it also implies them to be brothers.

In "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!", their friendship were underwent massive strain and then it was almost destroyed after they were cramped up and very uncomfortable space in the house and their night time hobbies caused them both to get into a nasty fight that resulted in them both moving out. Then the Noobs managed to get both Mem and Zen to reconcile and apologize to each other after a couple of failed previous attempts by expanding their house with two rooms that were big and comfortable enough for them to do, and what they enjoyed most without interference. Then the episodes after this, they seem to suggest that the ordeal Mem and Zen went through on their uncomfortable house and it was a major turning point in their friendship as they started to focus more on training the Noobs and understanding Earth culture. But they still fight and argue, but not as frequently or severely as they used to.

Their friendship seems to be stable and improving, as they vented out their frustrations with each other and then they bonded more through a snowball fight and then they started to play more competitive games. They received what possibly appeared to be a care package from their family in The Supernoobs Meet the Incredibly Amazing Man, as inside the package was a bunch of Mem and Zen's favorite toys and games from their childhood and since these toys were all in one package from their home planet, this is considered to be another hint that they are brothers. Mem also wanted Zen to open up on his emotions and show his hidden kindness to the noobs as he tried to do this in Tyrannosaurus Noob. Mem later happily states to Zen in The Noob-I-nators 2: save the Earth while they were surrounded by a lot of virus infected citizens and after Zen tells him that it was an honor to fight alongside him, that he couldn't have asked to have a person like Zen, a hot tempered, bitter, and aggressive person to be a loyal team fighting partner, a comrade, and a good friend before they were saved by Rovu which heavily suggests that Mem and Zen have finally learned to put their conflicts and grievances towards each other aside and be great friends and teammates.

Their friendship was once again put in jeopardy in “Noob 4 Mayor“ when he and Zen decided to run for mayor of Cornbury after its previous one was removed from office and they end up running against each other, showing that they have different political views. However, they learn that politics are capable of destroying friendships and realizing that his run for mayor is ruining his friendship with Zen and the Noobs, then he and Zen drop out of the campaign.

Mem and The Noobs

Supernoobs Theme 21

Mem,Zen and the Noobs in theme song.

Mem's relationship with The Noobs differs a lot from Zen's relationship with them as Mem has a higher patience and tolerance with their antics and has been very kind and nice to them even though they frequently annoy and embarrass him and do selfish and irresponsible things to him and Zen. Mem seems to bond with Tyler the most out of all the noobs as he arranged Tyler's date with Amy Anderson at the smoothie shop. Mem sees Shope as a smart woman with good ideals and one he cried once over her words that he considered beautiful. Mems often annoyed by Kevin's selfish acts and he often criticizes him for his selfishness and poor decision making skills. Mem's relationship with Roach's very weird, as Mem often plays along with Roach's goofing and antics as he repeated Roach's dancing moves.

Mem and General Blorgon

Because of the fact that Blorgon's the leader of the benevolent alliance, Mem respects him and obeys him as his superior officer. However it was implied that Mem's afraid of Blorgon to some degree as Mem tends to overreact when he described about what Blorgon does to those who are irresponsible in using their battleballs, and once he poorly lied to Blorgon about him and Zen oversleeping.

Mem and Rovuscious

Both Mem and Zen're shown to have a highly strained relationship with Rovuscious as they see him as a rival and a bully. Rovusciouscious often insults, bullies, and gloats over Mem and Zen because of their lack of award wins and their mistake of selecting the noobs and it was clear that Mem dislikes Rovuscious because of his arrogance. He and Zen're able to stand up to Rovuscious and prove that they are great virus warriors and recruiters by saving the new recruits from Count Venamus and the virus and by winning the recruiter of the year award as a result while breaking Rovuscious's winning streak. Despite the hostility Mem and Zen have with Rovuscious, they were shown to be huge fans of the mega popular intergalactic reality show, Extreme Virus Warriors, which Rovuscious appeared in.


  • Mem goes by the name of Bob in his human form.
  • Mem's mother is hinted to be still alive as he screams out " Mommy" in the Cartoon Network exclusive clip interviewing him and Zen as he says it after accidentally pressing Zen's self destruct button on his armor.
  • It is slightly implied that Memnock wants to become a professional chef as a dream job as he was obsessed with cooking an egg dish in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!", in which he paid very close attention as to how the dish was cooked and opened a dessert restaurant inside the Galacticus in "Who, What, Where and Noob", as he openly admits that opening an ice cream shop was sort of a dream of his.
  • Memnock's heavy ignorance with Earth culture might include confusion with gender roles and Earth clothing as when he and Zen tried to design the Noobs' costumes, he called a tiara "cool" before trying it on himself and even made a couple of jokes about putting tiaras on all the Noobs.
  • Like Zenblock, Memnock also has poor sleeping habits as first evidenced in "Noob Kids around The Block" when he and Zen overslept while the Noob were at school. It is revealed in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob" that while Zen's poor sleep habits include sleepwalking, Mem's bad sleep habits include staying up until very late in the morning to cook midnight snacks. These sleeping problems might be due to currently living on a planet that is not his native homeward and that his species needs more sleep than an average human. Another possible explanation for these problems might be due to possible trauma and stress that Memnock may have experienced due to years of being a virus warrior.
  • Memnock shares a lot of things in common with Mr. Black, a character from Scott Fellow's previous cartoon, Johnny Test. They are both agents working under orders from a general, hang out with a polar opposite counterpart as friends, love to cook and drink lemonade on hot summer days. They both have the same voice actor, Bill Mondy.
  • Memnock also shares some similarities with Pleakley from the Disney series Lilo and Stitch as both of them are aliens serving an intergalactic government, have a similar skin color of yellow, live on Earth with an alien roommate who speaks in an accent, have a huge fascination with the cultures of Earth, love cooking, and are sensitive people. However unlike Pleakley, Memnock has two eyes compared to Pleakley's one eye, walks on two legs rather than three, is more masculine and is not a neat freak who is obsessed with cleaning.
  • Memnock is one of four main characters to so far not have an official love interest with the others being Kevin, Shope, and Zenblock. However he does show interest in romance as he and Zen flirted with two women in a coffee shop and seemingly had a crush on one of the Candy Mama characters, not to mention that he is implied to have dated a girl on his home planet through his arrangement of Tyler and Amy's smoothie date.


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