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Memnock and Zenblock's House is a house Memnock and Zenblock stay in the Supernoobs universe. They bought it under Shope's suggestion and under orders from the Benevolent Alliance to take care of the Noobs and be civilized. This house is mainly used as an alternative base of operations away from the Galacticus by Mem and Zen as proven by a picture in the living room that morphs into a screen used to contact the Benevolent Alliance leaders. Mem and Zen also apparently managed to link up XR4Ti to the house, which allows her to communicate with them away from the Galacticus.

Both Mem and Zen live in and share the house as roommates and they also possibly bought it due to their ship lacking any beds for them to sleep in as their ship seemingly replaces beds with a form of sleeping gas that is designed for them to undergo sleep on long space journeys. A running gag shown throughout the series features Mem and Zen causing unintentional destruction to the interior of the house and it's furniture as the house was obviously too small to fit two large aliens but the house is shown to be in good condition in the next episode. It is made obvious that Mem and Zen showed heavy discomfort with living together in a single house as shown in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!" when the cramped up space in the house almost destroyed Mem and Zen's friendship when the small spaces of the house caused both Mem and Zen to move out after they got into a huge fight over their nighttime hobbies.

However the Noobs got Mem and Zen to reconcile after making an expansion to the house with rooms big enough for Mem and Zen to do their night hobbies with the rooms being a huge kitchen for Mem and a specially designed bedroom meant for Zen. The house's interior featured a living room for Mem and Zen to watch TV, a kitchen that Mem liked cooking in but complained about it for its small space, a backyard where Mem and Zen train the Noobs, and a bedroom where Mem and Zen slept in separate beds until their fight, and an elevator that took people down to Mem's new kitchen and Zen's new bedroom. It is heavily implied that due to Zen's new bedroom, the bedroom that Mem and Zen previously slept in became Mem's personal bedroom or that Mem himself got a new personal bedroom as Tyler was holding a tablet with an expansion for 5 rooms but only 2 were shown.

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  • This house is on the same street as all of the Noobs' houses as Shop told them about the house being across the street from Tyler's house when she suggested they live there for the time they train the Noobs.
  • The house is considered to be the property of the Benevolent Alliance as evidenced with Memnock and Zenblock having apparently modifying the house with an alarm system, integrating XR4Ti into the house, a technology, and being able to communicate with their superior officers through the television.
  • It is never explained how Memnock and Zenblock are able to afford living in the house as they they don't have any job besides being Virus Warriors. A possible explanation for this is that the Benevolent Alliance funded it.


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