Mr. Wertz is a very small, old man with gray hair, dotted eyes, and glasses. Being the science teacher, he wears a lab coat and black pants with brown shoes.


Mr. Wertz seems to be very strict as a teacher, scolding Tyler and Zen for being late for the parent-teacher conference in Parent Teacher Noobs. He seems to suffer from paranoia and megalomania, however, for he believed in the existance of aliens before his encounter with alien forms of Mem and Zen and the Noobs' powers. However, he was dismissed as insane after his attempts to expose them. He is later revealed in "Noob Coloured Glasses" to be a truly evil mad scientist as he invents a brand of goggles that he gives to all of the students in the school but the goggles allow him to perform mind control on all the students, except for Shope, who was unaffected because she used her own goggles rather than his, which allowed her to stop Mr. Wertz from enslaving all of Cornbury with the goggles. He was later revealed to have a secret laboratory underneath Cornbury Middle School in "Noobs Go Viral" and that he was institutionalized multiple times for his behavior. He is revealed to have known about the virus and has even went as far as modifying it and consuming it himself in belief that he would gain power from it. He was obsessed with exposing the super noobs and has been more obsessed with exposing Mem and Zen as he tried to expose them again by getting the location to their Earth house and having the news network surround it but through intervention by the Noobs, he once again fails, giving him another one way ticket to the mental institution.


  • Mr. Wertz is so far the only character in the series to have dotted eyes.


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