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[birds chirping]

Dog Beast: [roars]

[teleportation zap]

Kevin: Uhh, beast dog knows that's a beam and not a bone, right?

Tyler: Okay. I'll teleport all around him and distract him, then you guys do your thing.

[teleportation zaps]

Tyler: Not even close.

Shope: [sighs] I really thought he could do it this time. But... fists of rock, activate!


Shope: [grunts] Fists of rock are heavy.

Roach: Stand back, bad hero friends as I knock the playground-wrecking dog out with a furious... Flying Punch! [grunting and screaming]

Kevin: Fine. I'll stop him. Because you guys can't! [meow]

Shope: Nice. You turned into a kitty to lure him away from the innocent bystanders that it might harm.

Kevin: Uh, I was goin' for Godzilla, but uh...

Dog Beast: [growls]

Kevin: Let's go with that! [meowing]

Roach: [screaming] [battle cry]

[teleportation zap]

Tyler: Ooh. I got the Extractor!

[Extractor zap]

[dog barks]

Tyler: Another evil virus-filled day saved by the Supertastic Supernoobs!

Roach: And now to get out of here before the news media arrives and want to know our identities, which we can't tell them.

Kevin: Hey! I'm still stuck in a tree!

Sue Newswoman: More chaos in Cornbury today when a cute, stranded kitten was rescued by a heroic teen!

Roach: That looks just like kitty Kevin.

Kevin: It is me. That's the dude who rescued me, after you all abandoned me! [licking]

Shope: Why are you still a cat?

Kevin: Totally not because I can do this. [licking]

Sue Newswoman: Despite the town's stray cat problem, the mayor has dubbed the teen "Catboy" and presented him with a key to the city and a $100 gift card to Pet-a-Rific pet stores.

Kevin: What?! He gets a $100 gift card to Pet-a-Rific?! I want that!

Shope: You don't have a pet.

Kevin: It's a hundred bucks! And maybe I might like a playful chew toy or some dog biscuits. Hey, dogs love 'em, so they must be good. But I'll never know, because we don't get gift cards!

Tyler: We don't save the planet for gift cards, we save it because we are the only ones who can.

Kevin: Fine. Then I'll become a battleball-less superhero, like Catboy. Get ready, Cornbury. There's a new superhero in town! Turboy!

Tyler: Please don't do this.

Kevin: Now, I'm off to save something and get a fat gift card!

Tyler: He's being ridiculous.

Roach: I really like gift cards.

Shope: Me too.

Roach: And not to be confused with Turboy, I will become... nyow! The Chopper! Chop, chop!

Tyler: Why The Chopper?

Roach: I do not know. Now... to save stuff! Chop! Chop, chop, chop! Chop, chop, chop!

Tyler: Okay. No matter what, wearing a cape is just plain dumb and [gasps] Ohh...

Shope: Call me The Human Calculator! I subtract danger from the streets of Cornbury and add gift cards!

Tyler: Eh. Who am I kidding? Ultimate-Super-Mega-Get-a-Gift-Card Boy, away!

[cats meowing]

Kevin: Don't slip! Watch your step! Here to help!

Roach: Zoom! Good afternoon, citizen!

Kevin: What are you doing here?

Shope: We're gonna be town heroes and get $100 gift cards. Duh.

Kevin: What?! I was here first! Find your own pet store!

Tyler: Where? Cornbury has a lot of pet stores.

Shope: And a lot of stray cats.

Roach: Whatever. Now, off to our corners!

Tyler: Okay. Bring on the danger that brings on the gift cards!

Old Lady: [groans]

Tyler: [gasps] Ooh. This looks like a job for Super-Mega... whatever my name is. Lemme help you, ma'am. [gasps] Super-Mega whatever my name is, away!

Roach: Zoom! Chop, chop, chop! Chop! Zoom! Chop! Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop! Zoom! Chop, chop, chop! The Chopper always stands ready in the face of danger!

[bell dings]

Chow-Chow's Clerk: Hey, stop! Stop!

Roach: Do not fear, citizens! This looks like a job for... The Chopper! Zoom! Chop-cha! Chop, chop, chop! Fear no more, citizens! The robber has been stopped. Gift card, please.

Chow-Chow's Clerk: Uh, he didn't rob me. He forgot his change. And I was trying to give it back.

Roach: Then why was he dressed up like a burglar?

Man 1: It's a striped shirt and pants. It's-It's back in style.

Roach: So no gift card?

Shope: Search for trouble plus find trouble plus fix trouble equals get gift card! The Human Calculator is so smart. Fire! Human Calculator, away!


Shope: All is safe! Gift card me!

Street Performer: You just ruined my juggling act!

Shope: Human Calculator away!

Shope: [panting]

[cats meowing]

Kevin: Okay. I'm tired of waiting for someone to rescue. Guess I'll just create the rescue myself. Hi, cat! Looks like another cat is stuck in a tree, and I'm gonna save it.

[cat yowls]

Kevin: Whoops. Nyah... But I'll rescue you, falling sky kitty! [screaming]

[cat yowls]

Kevin: Get it off, get it off! [screaming]

Civilians: [cheering]

Woman: Catboy saved another cat!

Mayor: [laughs] Catboy! Ah, he's terrific! More gift cards!

Civilians: [cheering]

Kevin: Are you kidding me?! [screams]

[cat yowls]

[cats meowing]

Tyler: C'mon. There's gotta be someone we can save.

Roach: And win a $100 dollar pet gift card.

Man 2: [choking]

Shope: Wait. I think that dude has something caught in his throat!

Kevin: It's probably a tasty dog biscuit!

Tyler: Ultimate-Super-Mega-Saving Boy will save him!

Roach: Not if The Chopper gets there first! Zoom!

Shope: Back off! I saw him choking first!

Kevin: Turboy did! And I'm getting that gift card!

Man 2: [choking]

Roach: Oh yeah? Well, chop! Chop, chop, chop!

Kevin: Owww! What the heck, Roach?!

Tyler: Doesn't matter who got here first. This choky blue-face guy was closer to my pet store.

Kevin, Shope, and Roach: He was closer to my pet store!

Memnock: [as Bob] Don't worry, citizen!

Zenblock: [as Rob] We have trained for this kind of stressful situation!

Shope: Seems a little strong...

Zenblock: [grunts]

[whistle, splat]

Shope: And that is just wrong.

Man 2: Thank you for saving me, and here is a $100 gift card to show my appreciation! Zoom!

Kevin: What? You get the gift card?!

Tyler: That would've been mine if it wasn't for you three!

Noobs: [various speech]

Zenblock: Stop! Being superheroes is not about getting gift cards!

Memnock: And good deeds don't need rewards. Doing something good is the reward.

Roach: Then you'll give us the gift card?

Memnock and Zenblock: [laughing]

Zenblock: Are you nuts? Hahaha. It's a hundred bucks, guys.

Memnock and Zenblock: Zoom!

Tyler: [sighs] Okay. Who's up for giving up on this gift card quest?

Kevin: Turboy is no longer.

Shope: Besides, chew toys and dog biscuits? Did we internally lose our minds?

Memnock: [chewing] Ha! These are the tastiest things I've ever eaten in my life!

Zenblock: [laughing] And I can't get the bell out of this thing, but I don't care! And it's so fun to try! [laughing]

Roach: I'm not sad. I don't need a gift card like them or Catboy.

Catboy: Help! Cats! Cats everywhere! Help me! Help me!

[cats yowling]

Sue Newswoman: This is Sue Newswoman reporting from downtown, where the stray cat problem has officially gotten out of control! Not even Catboy can help us and-- whoa!

Tyler: Uh, okay. Now I think it's time for us to be real heroes.

Roach: Because it's time to... go battleballs!

[Super Noobs battle theme]

Shope: Okay. How do we stop a thousand cats?

Kevin: With one giant, ferocious dog! Pink poodle?

Tyler: But trust us, you are very scary.

Catboy: Help me!

Kevin: [barks]

Shope: Heh. The only thing cats hate more than dogs is getting wet!


[cats yowl]

Roach: And now it's time for the... Cat-apult!

[cats yowl]


Tyler: My turn.

[teleportation zaps]

Tyler: And let's get you adopted.

[cats meowing]

Sue Newswoman: And finally tonight, the mayor of Cornbury is sending out a huge thank you to those superdudes who solved Cornbury's stray cat problem.

Mayor: Wherever they are, I hope they're happy with knowing that because of them, Cornbury is happy, and adopting cats.

Kevin: It would've been nice to get gift cards, but a thank you from the mayor is nice, too.

Zenblock: [normal form] Besides, we got a gift card to the pet store and have tasty dog biscuits for everyone!

Memnock: [normal form] Cheers to another Supernoob job well done.

Noobs: [spit] [various complaints]

Memnock: I don't know what you're talkin' about. These are awesome!

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