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Principal Wormeramer is the principal of Cornbury Middle School. She is often suspicious of the Noob's activity throughout school. She also appears to speak with a Canadian/Wisconsin accent. She can also be pretty strict at times.


She can be harsh and strict when she suspects something is up, but otherwise, she is usually optimistic, joyful, and childish. She is also a very eccentric woman as she one forced the Noobs to compete in a dance off competition out of thinking that they would entertain her and the school. She gets suspicious of the noobs and of the weird things going on at Cornbury Middle school but she is unable to fully grasp these suspicious activities due to her eccentricity.

Physical Appearance

She is a rounded, fat lady who wears purple all the time and has brown hair with black highlights. She wears glasses and has red lipstick.


Principal & the Noobs

She can be friendly, and at the same time, harsh to the Noobs, especially when the Noobs are against to her plans.



  • She is the principal of Cornbury Middle School.
  • According to the creators of Supernoobs, she was resembled to look more like an antagonist than a school teacher as such.


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