Rovuscious is a supporting character in Supernoobs. He's a part of the Benevolent Alliance, a society to take out the Virus.


Rovuscious's known to be extremely harsh and he's always determined to beat another competitor. He's also shown to be very arrogant and egotistical, as he loves rubbing his success in the faces of others. When he first appeared, he mocked and bullied Mem and Zen at the New Virus Warriors Convention by showing off his new recruits and then he made lots of insults towards Mem and Zen over the fact that they haven't won any awards yet, and that they mistakenly selected the Noobs while he laughs at them and then he gloats over the seven awards that he won. This bullying caused Mem and Zen to move the Noobs to another room and not attend the convention feast which it spared them from being poisoned food contaminated with virus by Count Venamus and then he allowed them to foil Venamus' plans and then to expose him. As a result, Mem and Zen won the recruiter of the year award while Rovu's was seen angry and jealous of Mem and Zen because they won the award and broke his streak. Despite all these flaws, Rovu did show that he was capable of caring for other people as in The Noob-i-nators 2, Save the Earth! when he saves Mem and Zen from being overrun from the virus infected citizens of Cornbury and he even fought alongside them.

Physical Appearance

He looks similar to Mem and Zen, aside from the fact that hiss skin's red, and he has more armor and his Battleball's blue.


Rovuscious, Mem, and Zen

S1 E13 Rovu with Mem and Zen

Rovu's shown to have a huge rivalry and a strained relationship with both Mem and Zen. Rovu bullies Mem and Zen as he is arrogantly condescending towards them due to their lack of award wins. It's clear that Mem and Zen have a dislike Rovu for his gloating, bullying, and his arrogance towards them and because of this, they desire to stand up to Rovu and prove to him that they are great virus warriors and they're able to do so, by exposing Count Venamus, saving the new warrior recruits from the virus, and winning the recruiter of the year award and breaking Rovu's winning streak. Despite the fact that Mem and Zen perceive Rovu as an arrogant and egotistical bully, they're fans of the mega popular show Extreme Virus Warriors, which Rovu stars in. Rovu also saved Mem and Zen from having to go through a grueling fight with the virus infected citizens of Cornbury, which they would've most likely been defeated in and he fought alongside them, which it implies that Rovu, Mem, and Zen were once teammates and allies who worked together when they were little, but Rovu separated from that team after being corrupted by his own success.



S1 E13 Rovu
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