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Super-Tastic 4
S1 E7 Super-Tastic Groove-Tone 4
Song by
Album Cartoon Network HQ
Released in Noob Kids on the Block
Season 1
Episode Noob Kids on the Block
Genre(s) Cartoon Pop
Length 1:26
Super-Tastic 4
S1 E7 Super-Tastic Groove-Tone 4

Super-Tastic 4 is a song sung by the Glee Club and the Noobs in Noob Kids on the Block. It's sung as part of Cornbury Middle School's Sing and Dance Off, in which the team of four are challenged by a virus-infected Glee Club. As the Glee Club members attempt to destroy the noobs, they perform this number and, quite literally, blast away the competition.


Glee Club: Do re mi fa sol la goodbye!
Noobs: Whoa! Whoa! Oh, oh, whoa!
Oh! Oh!
Oh-whoa, oh-oh
Oh-whoa, oh-whoa
Oh-whoa, oh-oh
Super-Tastic 4
Tyler: You've got to blast them back
If you wanna win
Roach: So get ready for the Super-Tastic
Groove-Tone 4 finale spin
Kevin: Absorb the energy, absorb the energy
Absorb the energy!
Kevin, Tyler and Roach: Whoa, oh, oh, oh
Shope: Oh, whoa, whoa!


  • This is the first and only song to be sung by the characters within the show.
  • This song is based off of "You Got It" by New Kids on the Block.