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Roach: Oh!

Tyler: [panting] We have to catch it!

Shope: [panting] We're not gonna make it!

Kevin: We have to make it stop!

[ice cream truck jingle]

Noobs: Ice cream!

Roach: [panting] So many flavors, so little cones.

Shope: Uh, this guy has some strange flavors.

Tyler: Chocolate doom-swirl? Cookies, Cream, and Annihilation?

Shope: Mocha Fudge Destruction? What kind of flavors are those?

Ice Cream Beast: [roars]

Kevin: Yes, I will try the Mocha Fudge Destruction. Wait...

Ice Cream Beast: [growls]

Tyler: Okay, now the menu makes sense.

[Noobs grunt]

[people scream]

Shope: That does not look like an ice cream scooper!

[blast, splat]

Kevin: Yep, that is definitely the Mocha Fudge Destruction. Okay, everyone. Battleballs in!

Shope: We're in a park, people will see us!

Tyler: [gasps] I've got a plan! Head for that recycle bin!

Roach: [grunts]

[people scream]

Man: Somebody please help us! Help us!

Roach: Stand back citizens for we are here to save... your day!

Kevin: Wait. How come I get the paper bag disguise?

Shope: 'Cause we ran out of aluminum foil!

Tyler: Roach! Use you super mouth and eat the infected ice cream!

Roach: On it! [battle cry]

[blast, splat]

Roach: [grunts] Brain freeze!

Kevin: Look, I'm not feeling these disguises, dude.

Tyler: Can we just talk about this later?

Ice Cream Beast: [roars]

Tyler: Ahh! Go mega blasters!

Kevin, Tyler, and Shope: [grunting]

Ice Cream Beast: [growls]

Sue Newswoman: The scene at the park was full of disaster, ice cream, and carnage.

Memnock: Carnage is a bad thing, right?

Tyler: Yes.

Sue Newswoman: And an adorable eyewitness who shot the footage had this to say.

Boy in Pink Hat: They had bad disguises, but they saved the day and they're my new heroes!

Zenblock: Uh, let me guess. You used blasters, blew up the park, but in the end, you got lucky and stopped the virus.

Shope: A tree fell on him.

Sue Newswoman: But the question remains: Who are these heroes people are calling "The Silver Foils" and their trusty sidekick, "Paper Bag Boy"?

Kevin: Okay, we have a huge problem.

Zenblock: Another virus sighting?

Kevin: No! They're calling me "Paper Bag Boy". I am not a sidekick! We are all equally bad.

Shope: I kinda like "The Silver Foils". It's a play on words.

Kevin: No you don't. And if we're ever going to be taken seriously as superheroes, we need awesome nicknames and awesomer costumes.

Memnock: What you need is to master your powers, 'cause you're terrible.

Zenblock: Right, so raise your hands if you think Kevin is wrong, and maybe chuckle a little bit.

Memnock and Zenblock: [chuckling]

Zenblock: Fine! We'll work on super costumes!

Memnock: Okay, now are you happy?

Tyler: Um, what's the word I'm looking for?

Kevin: No!

Zenblock: What? Isn't this what your Earth heroes look like?

Kevin: We will not be seen in public in these wedgie suits, no matter how cool the capes are.

XR4Ti: Yes you will, for I am detecting an infection at the Cornbury Gas n' Snack.

Gas Beast: [roars]

Tyler, Kevin, and Roach: [groaning]

Tyler: Wait! Where's Kevin?!

Kevin: Okay, let's do this.

Shope: Where's your suit?

Kevin: Not wearing it.

Tyler: Dude! We can still see your face! What if someone records us again?

Kevin: Oh yeah. I forgot that part.

Gas Beast: [roaring]

Sue Newswoman: More fiery destruction in Cornbury today. And more superhero eyewitness accounts.

Kevin: I'm not lookin' forward to this...

Boy in Pink Hat: More superheroes saved the day again, and with capes!

Sue Newswoman: Media outlets quickly dubbed these new superheroes "The Wedgie Men", and we're joined by everybody's favorite sidekick, Paper Bag Boy!

Kevin: It's all that was in the trash! And we need to find that kid and keep him quiet.

Zenblock: Okay, okay, don't panic. We'll design you new, awesomer super costumes.

Memnock: And this time I'm thinking outside the box.


Noobs: No tiaras.

Kevin: And I'm gonna make my own cool costume and come up with my own cool name.

Tyler: Please don't do that.

Kevin: Why? 'Cause you're afraid it'll be cooler than anything you come up with?

Shope: No, because we know it will be hideous.

Roach: Ooh, I smell a super suit challenge!

XR4Ti: This super suit challenge has the potential to tear you apart as a team. I advise you abandon it.

Tyler: Ohoho, we will. Right after we see who has the better super costume!

Shope: Wait. We have our field trip to the aquarium tomorrow. Shouldn't we delay the super suit battle challenge?

Kevin: Only if you losers wanna lose. And I call the word "black"! I'm gonna be the "Black... something". It's gonna rock!

Memnock: Okay, they're wrong, 'cause this looks cool. Right?

[kids chattering]

Tyler: So, did you come up with your cool hero name or are you still "The Black Something"?

Kevin: Yes. It's, uh... "The Black Walrus", 'cause they're massive with huge tusks of danger.

Shope: They're also considered unintelligent by biologists, but if you wanna have a dumb super nickname, go with "The Black Walrus".

[walrus noise]

Tyler: How 'bout just "Dumb Walrus"?

Shope and Tyler: [laughter]

[walrus noise]

Roach: He looks angry.

Shope and Tyler: Uh-oh [grunt]

[kids screaming]

Employee: The shark exhibit! Something's wrong in the shark exhibit!

Tyler: Looks like we've got some infected sharks. Battleballs and new super battle costumes, now!

Kevin: Dude, that looks so wrong.

Tyler: It's modern and sleek and they sent me the wrong color!

Shope: I find it disturbing.

Tyler: Oh, but "Grandma Man" isn't?

Roach: The idea was to disguise ourselves, and I think this is effective.

Shope: Not as effective and cool as my-- Hey, whoa!

Kevin: Good call on the boots. Is anyone gonna say anything about my super costume?

Shope, Tyler, and Roach: No.

Shark Beast: [roars]

Kevin: Well, maybe I should ask them their opinion.

[Noobs scream]

Tyler: You know, the Silver Foils and Paper Bag Boy don't seem so bad right now.

Roach: And our battleballs might be hard to get to, as they are underneath the large man-eating fish beasts.

[teleportation zap]

Zenblock: Should we save them?

Memnock: Well, we are here.

Zenblock: Eh, I don't know.

Noobs: [various cries for help]

Zenblock: Ugh, fine! Here sharky beasts! Bet you can't catch tasty tuna lunch, man! And now I flop and run!

Memnock: All of you are a team, and you need to stick together and worry more about defeating the virus than how you look.

Kevin: Yeah! I-I mean, yeah.

Memnock: Now, the Alliance has created a new program for your battleballs which'll solve all your costume problems.

Zenblock: Anytime you guys want to help!

[Super Noobs battle theme]

Memnock: Now you look cool, like us, a team.

Tyler: Uh, what's with the...?

Zenblock: [panting] To help disguise you. Now, Super Noobs, you have to save me!

Tyler: Right. Now, let's see if our killer suits can produce...

Kevin: A killer whale! Ha! Holy crud, it worked!

Zenblock: [screaming]

Kevin: Hey boys, instead of tasty tuna lunch, man...

Tyler: Why don't you try the Extractor?

[teleportation zap]

[Extractor zap]

Shope: My turn.

[Super Noobs battle theme continues]

Roach: And don't forget... Super Roach! Yah!

[Noobs cheer]

Zenblock: [short of breath] Okay, nice job. Now let's get out of here!

Tyler: But wait! Weren't there three shark beasts?

Shark Beast: [roars]

Tyler: Super gang who like their new super suits, away!

Shope: Okay, we still have to work on better hero names.

Sue Newswoman: Things were fishy and dangerous today at the Cornbury Aquarium. An eyewitness was there to see and describe the destruction.

Kevin: Oh, not that dude again!

Boy in Pink Hat: I saw four superheroes! They were awesome dudes! Awesome!

Sue Newswoman: And what is everyone calling these heroes of help who help people heroically?

Noobs: Come on...

Sue Newswoman: The Superdudes! And Cornbury is super happy to have them here.

[Noobs cheer]

Zenblock: Okay, stop the excitement, "Superdudes".

Memnock: You would've been super shark food today if me and Zen didn't save your butts!

Zenblock: Yeah, and until you can defeat the virus on your own, you will be known here as the "Super Noobs".

Kevin: All I know is, we look awesome.

Memnock: But you could look awesomer!

Tyler: Run.

[Noobs scream]

Memnock: Give it a shot. It's cute!

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