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Tyler's House is a house Tyler and his mom stay in the Supernoobs universe. As of A Noob World Order, unnamed alien refugees now reside in Tyler's room as pets.

Known residents

Known places

The basement

  • Tyler's basement shown in "Super Noob Suits"
  • Tyler's basement shown in "The Noob Cave!"
  • Tyler's basement at night, shown in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!"
  • Tyler's stuffed animals
  • Tyler's video games shown on the television
  • Super War Torn Future Battle Chief 12
  • Lava Planet 9
  • Candy Mama
  • Mem and Zen playing Candy Mama

Out of all locations in Tyler's house, the basement is seen most often.

Inside the basement, there is a TV where the Noobs can watch news from Sue Newswoman. The Noobs also use this TV to watch their favorite series, Supertights and play video games on it. Currently, at least three video games can be played on Tyler’s television (shown in "The Noob Cave!"): Super War Torn Future Battle Chief 12, Lava Planet 9, Candy Mama (Mem and Zen bought this game in "Go Noob Outside").

In "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!", Zenblock breaks up with Memnock and sleeps in Tyler's basement. Also in this episode, a bunch of stuffed animals can be seen here.


  • Tyler's bedroom
  • Ms. Bowman's bedroom

In "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!", Tyler and his mother can be seen sleeping in seperate rooms, before Zenblock sleepfights in Tyler's bedroom. This is the only known episode where Ms. Bowman's bedroom is seen.

In "Let it Noob, Let it Noob, Let it Noob!", Tyler's bedroom can be seen as Tyler wakes up in a snow day.

The kitchen

  • Tyler's kitchen, shown in "Parent Teacher Noobs"
  • Tyler's kitchen, shown in "Noob Tube"
  • Tyler's bathroom, shown in "Noob Tube"

Not much is known about Tyler's kitchen, but it is shown in "Parent Teacher Noobs" and "Noob Tube".

The bathroom

The only episode where the bathroom is shown is in "Noob Tube", where Tyler is seen brushing his teeth.


  • All the Noobs are often in Tyler's house, more than any of the other Noob's houses.


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