They are going to win with class and we will lose with class.

Tyler Bowman is a main character in Supernoobs.


Tyler has neatly brushed blond hair, has a pointy nose and pale skin. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt under a green T-shirt with a navy collar and stripe, along with blue pants, white socks and black and white sneakers. Tyler's super suit is grey and black with blue highlights and grey and black boots. Starting in "The Supernoobs meet The Incredibly Amazing Man", he wears a watch on his left wrist that notifies him of incoming virus attacks and that watch was either possibly invented by him and Shope or given to him by Mem and Zen.


Tyler is the leader of the Supernoobs. He's a quick thinker and always makes sure that his friends are working as a team. He is at times socially awkward but he doesn't let that bother him. Tyler is always finding ways for him and his team to become the best warriors they can be.


Tyler & Shope

Tyler and Shope share a good friendship, they're similar when it comes to intelligence.

Tyler & Kevin

Tyler and Kevin share a good friendship, they get along well and are quite competitive towards each other.

Tyler & Roach

Tyler and Roach share a good friendship, they hang out with each other.

Tyler & Jock

Tyler and Jock share an awful relationship. Jock often bullies him and Tyler is known to look for ways to escape him.

Tyler & Amy

S1 E4 Tyler and Amy

Tyler in a date with Amy Anderson

Little is known about their relationship, since in Noobies vs. Smoothies, it was revealed that Tyler has a crush on her, but was a bit too nervous about asking her out, until Mem acted as Tyler to ask Amy to go on a smoothie date with him, which she enjoyed as a result of how Mem arranged the date in a well experienced fashion. As of Shake Your Noobie, Amy has a crush on Tyler's superhero alter ego.

Tyler & Memnock and Zenblock

Tyler's relationship with Memnock and Zenblock got off to a rough start due to Tyler initially being afraid of them because they were aliens. However, Tyler has gone to them very often to ask for some helpful advice from them whenever he comes into a situation he has difficulty in finding solutions for them. He often tolerates their immaturity and childishness the most out of all the Noobs as he did not let them ride the rollercoaster until they agreed to help him win over Amy Anderson's heart.

Powers and Abilities

Infrared Perception
Enhanced Senses
Mind Control
Body Manipulation

Empowered by the Blue Battle Ball, Tyler's nine senses were enhanced. By default, he can scan an organism's mind, teleport to a specific location and manipulate the form of his Battle Ball. He is physically weak, but his true strength lies through his mental abilities. With frequent exercise of his mind, this enhances his capability and the further he can project his powers more effectively which can dictate any situation to his own terms.

His potential is as far his mind could think would go.

  • Enhanced Senses: He possesses extremely accurate senses including awareness and melding.
  • Enhanced Durability: Like other superheroes he can sustain numerous blows.
  • Teleportation: He can teleport himself along with other people or just them to a specific location.
  • Telepathy: He has the power to mentally receive and/or transmit information to/from organisms (regardless of language).
  • Infrared Perception: He has the power to perceive heat signatures which is useful in detecting an invisible enemy. He only used it in The Noobs Meet Count Venamus.
  • Mind Control: He is capable of manipulating an organism's mind to his will. He only used it in The Noob-i-nators 2: Save the Earth!.
  • Full Body Manipulation: He has this power which he hasn't practiced yet.
  • Telekinesis


His powers aren't offensive in nature which consequently forces him to rely on weaponry specifically the blaster. His willpower reflects his effectiveness as the leader of the team and having him in a negative emotional state could likely put his team in jeopardy.


  • He has a crush on Amy Anderson.
  • It seems to be a running gag that Tyler tells the others to run from something.
  • In Parent Teacher Noobs, he made friends with a polar bear.
  • He has been practicing Mind Control before the events of The Noob-i-nators 2: Save the Earth!.
  • Tyler Bowman shares the same last name as the main protagonist of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. David Bowman
  • Tyler's father has never been seen or mentioned in the show, suggesting that he is either divorced from Ms. Bowman or that he is deceased, as he appears to not live with his son.
  • According to Tyler, he lives on the same street as Kevin, Roach and Shope.
  • In Noobs vs. Venamus 12!, it is revealed by Count Venamus that Tyler has the power of Full Body Manipulation. However, he has neither practiced and likely doesn't know about it. Whether or not he will discover it in another season or sometime in the series is unknown.
    • With that in mind, it would explain how he was capable of ingesting a Virus creature in Noobies vs. Smoothies. It could be possible that was done out and Tyler simply didn't acknowledge it.
    • While it doesn't explain how he ingested the virus creature without being infected.



Image Description
Tyler normal
Tyler wears this when he is at school or is just hanging out with his friends.

Image Description
Tyler in nighttime outfit
Tyler wears this when he is going to bed every night.

Image Description
Super Tyler 1
When Tyler is saving the world with his friends or using his battleball.


Image Description
Tyler paintball armor
When Tyler was playing paintball with his friends in the episode A Noob Hope and Super Natural Noobs.

Image Description
Tyler in dance uniform
When Tyler was in his Dance Uniform in the episode Noob Kids on the Block.

Image Description
Tyler as milk boy
When Tyler was in his cow costume in the episode Fourth Down and Noob to Go.


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