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Roach, Tyler, and Kevin: [yelling over each other]

Mrs. Shope: That your friends at the door?

Shope: Okay, where is this going?

Mr. Shope: Jennifer, we think the boys are, well... bad influences on you.

Mrs. Shope: I mean, is there another reason you missed your first homework assignment ever last week?

Shope: Uhh...

Shope: I am never getting my homework done tonight!

Mr. Shope: And this note from your teacher saying you were tired in class?

Shope: We can't go to Sector Z now! It's 2 in the morning!

Zenblock: Oh, well in that case... too bad!

Shope: [grunts]

Mrs. Shope: And you have been late for dinner every night this week. What are you doing all day?

[chicken beast roars]

Noobs: [scream]

Shope: Uhh... it's kinda complicated.

Mr. Shope: And they are kinda loud and rude.

Shope: No, they're not!

Tyler, Roach, and Kevin: [knock and scream loudly]

Mrs. Shope: I'm sorry, Jennifer. But if there is one more problem at school or one more late to dinner...

Mr. Shope: We'll be forced to send you to the Harvard Ridge All-Girl's Academy located in the Noboy Mountains.

Tyler, Roach, and Kevin: [knocking and screaming]

[door slams]

Shope: My parents think you guys are a bad influence on me.

Tyler: What? We are not bad influences on you! That's unfair.

Kevin: Yeah! Now, let's sneak into the Galacticus and check out that locked humming room with the big red words on it.


Shope: I can't read alien, but I'm pretty sure that says "keep out".

Kevin: Nah. It probably says something like "You can enter, but just be careful. But it's okay to enter."

Roach: Sounds good to me.

Shope: Just to be clear, I can't get in trouble.

Tyler: What trouble? Tuesdays at 8 is when XR4Ti shuts down for upgrading. And Mem dragged Zen to yoga to plug in with society.

Zenblock: [as Rob] Ooh, ah! Look at me doing these painful motions with my body. I am totally from Earth and not KR252.

Shope: I must admit, it fascinates me what technology hides behind that door that doesn't exist on our world.

Kevin: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Now... do it.

[alarm blares]

Shope: It's amazing! [grunting] Perhaps you guys are bad influences.

[alarm blaring]

Tyler: [screams] That's the cloaking room and it must've transferred it's energy to Shope and making her invisible and not the Galacticus!

Kevin: Okay, calm down! We'll just wait for Mem and Zen to get back and blame everything on Roach.

Roach: I'm fine with that!

Shope: Yeah, I can't stay here.

Kevin: Why not?!

Shope: Because my parents also said that if I get in trouble at school one more time or come home late for dinner, they'll send me away to an all girl's school.

Tyler: Okay... Plan B. We get to school on time so you don't get in trouble and don't go to an all girl's school.

[bell rings]

Teacher 1: Leslie Iron?

Shope: Is there more to Plan B?

Tyler: Yes. 'Cause we just have to make sure you don't get marked as absent.

Shope: How?

Teacher 1: Jennifer Shope? Jennifer Shope. Jennifer? Jennifer Shope.

Kevin: With my shirt powers! Ah! Say "here", now! Do it!

Teacher 1: Jennifer! Jennifer Shope?

Shope: Here!

Teacher 1: Here. Paula Sumple? Paula Sumple.

Shope: You ripped your favorite shirt to save me?

Kevin: It's my only shirt, but eh, you're worth it.

Tyler: Now, we just need to get you through the rest of the day and hope that Mem and Zen don't freak out when they see the Galacticus not invisible.

Memnock and Zenblock: [scream]

Zenblock: The cloaking cell is shut down! The Galacticus is totally exposed!

Memnock: Okay, let's not panic. Nobody comes into this meadow except us and clumsy deer.

[doorbell rings]

Memnock: Okay, when did we get a doorbell?

Male Traveler: Hey, is this an alien spaceship?

Zenblock: Uh, uh... um...

Memnock: Uh, no. It's uh... it's the new... Spaceship Ice Cream Parlor! Our flavors are out of this world!

Female Traveler: This is so amazing! Look at this place!

Male Traveler: Oh, I love the color!

Memnock: Okay, you have to go out and get ice cream while I tend to my first customers.

Zenblock: What? I'm not going to go out and get you ice cre-- [screams]

Teacher 2: Okay class. Please pass forward your homework assignment. And if you don't, I'll fail you and tell your parents.

Shope: Okay. Well, My invisible homework in my invisible backpack won't work, so it's been nice knowin' ya.

Tyler: No. I'll just put your name on my homework and hand that in.

Shope: That means you'll get an F.

Tyler: Hey, you can't spell friends without "F", right?

Kevin: Wait, there's an F in friends?

Shope: Yeah, there's an F in friends.

Roach: Okay, attendance is taken, homework is handed in, and now we just have to get you visible again.

Male Traveler: Your ice cream shop is amazing!

Female Traveler: Totally!

Memnock: Well, you know, owning a frozen treat shop has always been a dream of mine.

Zenblock: I hate your dreams!

Male Traveler: Okay, we have to post this on the interweb and get you guys more customers.

Female Traveler: It worked!

Zenblock: Ugh, welcome to the Spaceship Ice Cream Shop. May I suggest a private party area also known as the cloaking room?

Male Traveler: Ooh, can we see it?

Zenblock: No!

[door slams]

Zenblock: Let me guess, you snuck into the cloaking room, but Shope got too close, and the power transferred to her battleball.

Tyler: Close, but worse.

Roach: If you can't transfer the power back from Shope and if she's late for dinner, her parents are gonna send her to an all girl's school, never to be seen again.

Zenblock: Wait. Shope is here?

Shope: Here!

Zenblock: Ugh...

Memnock: Look, it's not that simple. I've gotta rebuild the entire code, which'll take at least two hours. And hello, I've got customers.

Zenblock: I hate all of you!

Shope: Well, I don't. These are my friends, and they ruined their favorite shirt for me, got an F on their homework so I wouldn't, and they're always there for me.

Memnock: [sniffles] That was so beautiful.

Tyler: And together we can do this. We have to.

Zenblock: How? We can't have her visible by dinner! It--

[doorbell rings]

[people chatter]

Zenblock: Eh, we've got more customers. Why are you looking at me?

Tyler: I know how.

Mr. Shope: Well, we're pleased you made it on time for dinner.

Mrs. Shope: But do you wanna tell us how you got this cold?

Zenblock: [as Shope] Let's just say I'm having a bad day, okay? So let's just do... this.

Mrs. Shope: [gasps] It's called dinner! And your father made it!

Zenblock: Oh, right. Uh, thank you, parents who I love. [eating loudly]

Mr. and Mrs. Shope: [gasp]

Tyler: It's not going well. I need real Shope fast!

Roach: Um, Memnock's busy with customers.

Memnock: You know, it just kinda came to me. I thought, spaceship, ice cream, they should be together.

Shope: Kevin!

Kevin: Stand back! I'll get rid of the customers so Mem will work on changing Shope back. Because nothing clears out an eating place faster than... a rat! [high-pitched voice] Eh, this'll work, too.

[people talking]

Kevin: Cockroach!

[people screaming]

Memnock: My ice cream dream! It's ruined! Okay. The reboot's complete. Time to make Shope visible again.

[alarms blaring]

Shope: [grunting] Yes! I'm back! Uh, but not at dinner.

Tyler: Get her here, now!

Zenblock: Mm, mm... [chuckles] Uh, wait. Was I supposed to use this?

Mrs. Shope: We have had it with your horrible behavior, young lady!

Mr. Shope: You are done with those boys! And maybe you'll learn some manners at the all girl's school.

Zenblock: Okay, I am tired of being told what to do today! Tyler, Kevin, and Roach might not be perfect, but they are friends! I mean, my best friends! They give you, eh... m-me... the shirt off their back, or at least the sleeve, and help with my homework by writing my name on it, and they always protect me when I'm fighting an evil Gworgoth!

Tyler: I think it's too late.

Zenblock: [sighs] Okay, forget the Gworgoth. Look, I'm a really smart girl. Like, crazy smart. Rather than not trusting my friends, just trust me.

Shope: Wow. He's a better me than me.

Mr. Shope: You're right. We should trust you.

Mrs. Shope: And we're proud of how our little girl is starting to sound like a young woman... who sounds like a man when she has a cold.

Mr. Shope: Now let's celebrate not going to an all girl's school with dessert that you can use your fork to eat.

Zenblock: Dessert? And would it be possible for me to meet my friends for some ice cream instead?

Tyler: Well, your ice cream shop closed, but your sundaes are the best on Earth.

[phone beeps]

Shope: It's my mom and dad. They want me to come home 'cause it's 8:30 on a school night.

Kevin: Text them this: "I am busy with my friends and I will be home when I feel like it."

[send tone]

[phone beeps]

Shope: I'm grounded for a week.

Memnock: That was pushin' it!

Kevin: Why would you listen to me? That's ridiculous.

Zenblock, Memnock, Roach, and Tyler: [mixed speech]