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XR4Ti is a supporting character in Super Noobs. XR4Ti is a part of the Benevolent Alliance, a society to take out the virus.


XR4Ti is often seen as a voice of reason on board of the Galacticus and shows a lot of wisdom and courage. She has a mother-child like relationship with both Mem and Zen and the noobs as she wants them to succeed in their missions and protect them whenever she can. She can be frustrated at times with either the noob's irresponsibility or Mem and Zen's immature and childish behavior. In addition she is also frustrated over the fact that as an A.I., she does not have much power to act and do things on her own. Her voice is calm and soothing, no matter the situation.

Physical Appearance

XR4Ti resembles a tablet, with titanium casing and a lime green screen with wavelengths that move accordingly as she speaks. There are also three buttons in red, green, and yellow on her base.


XR4Ti and Roach

Roach is in love with XR4Ti, but she likely has no feelings back due to being a computer.

XR4Ti & Memnock and Zenblock

XR4Ti's relationship with Memnock and Zenblock is considered to be similar to that of a mother and her two children. She often nags Mem and Zen when they act immaturely and she tries to get their focus on more important things whenever they are goofing around. She also gets agitated at them and blames them whenever their ship gets severely damaged but she does listen to them whenever something needs to get done.


  • It was revealed that Roach has a crush on her.
  • She seems to not be interested in dating or romance but she is implied to have a crush on The Incredibly Amazing Man as she called him "Handsome".


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