Zenblock is a main character in Supernoobs.

Physical Appearance

Zenblock is mostly light blue with dark blue spots, and wears a black helmet, arm gauntlet and a black-grey chest plate with a green shape-shifting device in the center of the chest that allows him to shape-shift into anything, similar to Memnock and like Memnock, Zenblock also has yet to be seen without his helmet or armor as he most likely wears it all the time to protect himself from the normal strains of the virus. In his science outfit, he wears a labcoat, goggles, and an yellow-orange button up shirt with an orange-red tie over his armor. While in his nightwear, he is shown to be wearing bluish-white pajamas over his armor like Memnock does and is shown occasionally to be wearing a dark blue bathrobe over both his armor and pajamas in " Noob Kids on the Block". Zenblock's basketball outfit in "Noobie Mama" is basically in terms of color an inversion of Memnock's basketball outfit as Zenblock wears an orange jersey with the Benevolent Alliance logo in the middle and there are small purple linings surrounding the jersey and his basketball shorts are also orange with purple linings surrounding it.

When in his human form, he has a body build that is similar to Memnock's but he has brown hair, slightly visible blue spots on his skin, he is well-built, and he wears a blue shirt with navy blue sweater vest, grayish black pants and with black shoes. His workout outfit in human form is an electric blue workout shirt with black running shorts and is basically worn under his casual pants and sweater vest.


He seems to have a mean and a serious personality, for he is not that much nice to the Noobs. Despite all of this, he means very well by caring about Memnock and the Noobs, even though they do troublesome things. Zen is considered to be the "brawn" of the duo as he often lets his fists do the talking and is always ready for a fight. He is also very manly as indicated through his hot temper, his hesitance in exploring some aspects of Earth culture, and the fact that he seems to show some signs of discomfort when butterflies go near him.

He is also very impulsive as he often says and does things without thinking first as in one episode, he refuses to teach the Noobs his dance moves while saying there was nothing they could do to make him change his mind but he does change his mind a few seconds later before the Noobs could respond to him. He has a very low level of patience and is very easily annoyed, frustrated, and embarrassed whenever the Noobs do something selfish or stupid to him and Mem. Because of his childishness however, Zen is shown to be as selfish as the Noobs at times. He is capable of getting mad at the drop of a hat.

He likes teasing other people, especially Memnock and even the Noobs. He can also be crude and obnoxious sometimes as he once farted at Mem during one of their arguments in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!". He also calls does a lot of bad name calling towards other people as he called Tyler, Shope, Kevin, and Roach the Supernoobs while he used the word noob as an insult towards their experience in being virus warrior and he once called Mem ugly and then compared him to a bug that could be squashed on. Zenblock is also shown to be sarcastic as he often used sarcastic threats towards the noobs as he once told Tyler to come over to him so he could swat Tyler's head. Despite all this, Zen is truly shown to be very kind and caring but for some reason tries to suppress these traits in order to present himself as tough and gruff to others.

His soft spot is shown in "Tyrannosaurus Noob", when he protects the Noobs from a virus infected T-Rex skeleton and defeats it in the process. This soft spot is also shown in "Curb Your Noob" when he sees several puppies while trying to get Kevin out of the pound as he become sensibly overwhelmed by the cuteness of all the puppies. He can be emotional sometimes as in "License to Noob", Zen tries to make tea under Tyler's suggestion to help him with the symptoms of his eye infection but after he accidentally burns his hands on the tea kettle and unintentionally slips and causes several parts of the kitchen and its curling to collapse on top of him, he seems to break down crying out of sadness and frustration.

He can also be as immature and childish as Mem is as Zen reacts with childish glee when he mentions the space monorail. He also appears to like stuffed animals as shown in Noobs of the Round Table when he along with Mem were excited to craft their own plush puppies at Stuff-A-Puppy and he is also shown to own a teddy bear as h sometimes sleeps with it in his arms despite his manliness. Zen also has a huge sweet tooth for candy as in Happy Noob-o-ween, Zen was shown to be very excited for Halloween and could not wait to go trick or treating as he wanted to go over to a neighbors house to get and managed to convince Mem to tag along even tough Mem warned him to exercise self control. His love for candy is also touched upon in Noob vs Venamus 12 when he rushed into one of Venamus' small ship pods that was filled with candy only form the ship to take off with him and he plummeted to the ground after Mem accidentally pressed a button for the ship to blow up.

Zen, like Mem can also be gullible and act dumber than he actually is at times as he once mistook a school science fair for a food tasting convention and thought that all of the worlds rulers and politicians resided in a Funder Wunderland attraction called the Hall of World Leaders and that they were all replaced by robots when he and Mem ended up wrecking the whole place. He is also shown to love sleeping a lot as he sometimes takes naps on the Galacticus but he does have a sleepwalking problem which he and Mem call "sleepfighting" which could possibly be the result of subconscious frustrations from fighting the virus and teaching the Noobs. He can also be very grumpy when his beauty sleep gets ruined by some external factor and its indicated though all of this that Zenblock's overall mood depends on how much sleep he gets. Zen usually speaks with an Austrian accent to most likely emphasize his tough and gruff nature.


Zenblock & Memnock

Zenblock and Memnock share a good but unstable friendship. Zenblock is Memnock's best friend, recruiting partner, traveling companion, and trustworthy comrade for the Benevolent Alliance. Although they fight sometimes they still view each other as good friends. Its more of a brother-like relationship. In addition, Zenblock considers Memnock to be his best friend and an honorable and trustworthy comrade in arms for the Benevolent Alliance They are shown doing many activities together including riding the rollercoaster and the monorail, watching football, and fishing. They are very competitive with each other and constantly play brother like games such as dance offs, snowball fights, trick or treating, and checkers.

It is implied that Memnock and Zenblock have been friends ever since they were children as indicated in the episode "Zooper Noobs!" when they both mentioned that they loved riding the monorail at the space zoo when they were little while mentioning their experience at the zoo as "our childhood" which implies that they either went to the zoo together when they were kids or that they first met at the space zoo's monorail and forged their friendship though their shared obsession with riding the monorail.

Zenblock's friendship with Memnock becomes severely jeopardized in "A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!" when the accumulated stress of having to live together in a house that was too small ad uncomfortable for them, combined with Zenblock's chronic sleepwalking and Memnock's midnight snack cooking obsession, causes both of them to hit their breaking points, move out of the house, and refuse to see or speak to each other. They were ultimately able to reconcile as the Noobs, after a couple of failed and backfired attempts to get them back together, helped expand their house with rooms that were big enough for them to do what they enjoyed most without interference and discomfort and Mem and Zen later apologize to each other as a result and become friends again. The episodes after this hint that Mem and Zen's house ordeal was a huge turning point in their friendship as they have started to focus more on training the noobs and blending in with society although they still bicker but not as frequently and severely as they used to suggesting that their friendship is currently stable and improving. They got to vent out a lot of frustrations with each other through a competitive and friendly snowball fight in "Let It Noob, Let It Noob, Let It Noob" as they were shown having a lot of fun with it through hitting each other with snowballs while using alien tech to make it more fun, which led to them getting carried away with it but resulting in them becoming better at being good friends.

Zenblock often sees Memnock as very immature and too soft on people and wants him to toughen up and grow up. He is sometimes mean to Memnock as he does man things to him such as hitting him and making insults such as calling him ugly and then making a claim that he can squish Mem like a bug. He seems to not approve of some feminine aspects of Earth culture and Mem's ignorant interest in some of them as he seemed to be angry at Mem when Mem ignorantly tried a tiara on and yelled at Mem for his constant cooking at midnight. He also likes to tease Memnock a lot much like an older brother would do to a younger one but he does show sympathy to Memnock whenever he gets upset. He does value Memnock to be an honorable ally and friend as he admits to Memnock in The Noobs-i-nators 2: Save The Earth! while they were surrounded by virus infected citizens of Cornbury that he found it an honor to fight alongside Memnock while calling him "buddy" and Memnock happily states in reply to this that he couldn't have asked for a bitter, hot tempered, and vicious guy like Zen to be his team partner, a loyal comrade, and a good friend, which suggests that Memnock and Zenblock have learned to put their grievances towards each other aside and be the best of friends and teammates and they were rescued by Rovu after that was said.

His friendship with Mem is once again threatened in ”Noob 4 Mayor” after he and Mem both decide to run for mayor of Cornbury after its previous mayor is removed from office and they end up running against each other. He eventually learns that politics are capable of destroying friendships and see how his friendship with Mem and the Noobs was being ruined by the campaign, he and Mem decide to drop out of the running.

Zenblock & The Noobs

S1 E31 the six 2

Zen enjoy his ice cream with the Noobs and Mem.

Zenblock tries to train the four middle school friends to be warriors of earth. He frequently gets frustrated and annoyed by their irresponsible and selfish antics, which leads him to say in frustration that he "hates them" but he does not really mean it. He likes to tease them occasionally like he does to Memnock as he finds their poor skills as virus warriors to be laughable. However, He shows a soft spot for them and believes deep down that the Noobs do have a potential for greatness, which Mem tries to expose in "Tyrannosaurus Noob". Zen seems to bond with Shope out of all the Noobs most likely due to her intelligence and her ability to stay on top of things as he once impersonated her so he could convince her parents to not send her to boarding school and trust her more. His relationship with the Noobs like Mem's got off to a rough start mostly because of the fact that they were aliens but he started to warm up to them and believe in them after they helped him achieve his lifelong dream of winning the recruiter of the year award. He does respect Tyler for his leadership and for taking the most responsibility out of all the Noobs. Zen shows disdain towards Kevin because of his selfishness and poor decision making skills and often gets mad at Kevin when he does such things. Zen sometimes engaged with Roach in his goofing around but sees Roach as someone who mostly has his head in the clouds and he's a bad influence towards Mem.

Zenblock & General Blorgon

Like Mem, Zen also respects Blorgon as a good leader and superior officer and most likely got his serious attitude from Blorgon. He is hinted to be afraid of Blorgon to some degree by not as much as Memnock seems to be afraid of him. Zen often tries to make Blorgon proud by being strict but fair to Mem and the Noobs.

Zen and Rovuscious

Zen, along with Mem're shown to have a huge rivalry and strained relationship with Rovuscious as they see him as a rival and a bully. Rovuscious often bullied Mem and Zen because of their lack of award wins and mediocre success along with their mistake of selecting the noob and is clear that Zen disliked Rovusciousscious because of his arrogance. Zen made it his lifelong dream to win the recruiter of the year award for once instead of Rovuscioussciousscious as he coveted it because he wanted to prove to Rovusciousscioussciousscious that he and Mem were great and strong virus warriors which he was able to do after saving all the new recruits from a virus attack orchestrated by Count Venamus, exposing him, and winning the recruiter of the year awards because of this, which made Zen very happy that he finally defeated his longtime rival. Despite the fact that Zen and Mem perceive Rovuscious as an arrogant and egotistical bully, they are both fans of the mega popular intergalactic reality show, Extreme Virus Warriors, which Rovuscious appeared in. He greatly appreciated it when Rovuscious saved both him and Mem from being overwhelmed and beaten up by virus infected citizens of Cornbury and they were willing to fight alongside Rovu to help protect Earth.

Powers and Abilities

Wielding the green battle ball, Zen's an experienced warrior capable of performing many abilities and special powers. His powers include but are not limited to.

  • Elasticity, Zen can enlarge his fists to beat up enemies and his body can be somewhat flexible.
  • Mechanical Manipulation, An ability that is unique to Zen that's different from what the Noobs and Mem have is that Zenblock can remotely control objects by throwing or placing his battle ball on them and have them imitate some moves he does. He once controlled a triceratops skeleton through this method to beat a virus infected T-Rex skeleton and he had the triceratops imitate some moves such as butt shaking, martial arts, and standing on two legs. He even did this to a swan paddleboats as he converted it into a missile launching battleship during a nasty fight with Mem after Zen insulted Mem and tooted at him.
  • Shape Shifting, Zen has the ability to transform into anything he wants to with one of these forms he often uses being a human disguise called "Rob". In addition, he can hook up to other peoples battle balls and transform them into things that they cannot normally transform into as he did that to help Kevin transform into other human beings when Kevin was unable to transform into things besides animals.
  • Shrinking, Zen's capable of shrinking other people into tiny sizes as he once did this to the Noobs to tease them. It's unknown whether or not he has the ability to shrink himself.
  • Super Strength: Zenblock can lift and throw heavy things that a normal human being cannot even carry.
  • Telekinesis: Zenblock can also control things with his mind as he used this to stop a bunch of paintballs from hitting him and Memnock when the Noobs mistook them for hostile enemies when they first met.
  • Teleportation, Zen can also teleport to other places in seconds
  • Aquatic Respiration: One unique ability Zen shares with Mem's the ability to breathe underwater. This is not a battle ball ability but rather an ability that is naturally used by Mem and Zen's species. This ability is shown in "Supernatural Noob" when Mem and Zen were fishing and decide to go underwater while capsizing the boat they were using so they could see the fish and they didn't show any signs of drowning.


Although Zen's a strong warrior capable of taking down many foes, his weaknesses mainly lies in his mental psyche and friendships with other people. He/s known to be very reckless and impulsive whether he's in a fight or not. He has a lot of trouble working together with other people including his friend Mem as he sometimes argues with him, which can prove to be a liability of their cooperation with each other in tough battles and it makes them difficult for them to value teamwork. In addition, he often makes bad and reckless decisions such as when he insulted Mem and tooted at him, which made Mem very angry and cause a fight with Zen.

His emotional state seems to be dependent on how much sleep he gets, as he sometimes sleeps while standing up, which it's most likely a result of his sleepwalking problem. Because of this, he can get very cranky and irritable if he doesn't get much sleep but seems to be in a more positive state when he does get a decent amount of sleep, which it's most likely the reason why he's seen taking naps on the galacticus and why he owns a sleep mask. His immaturity and childishness's also considered a weakness as he frequently gets distracted from taking care of the Noobs by the cultures of Earth. His battle ball abilities should also be taken to consideration as he does have a wide range of abilities in his disposal but can only activate one power at a time. His ability to throw his battle ball into objects and remotely control them also has a weakness as without his battle ball, Zen can't use any other battle ball abilities other than remote control of whatever object he's controlling and he's capable of being defenseless if his remote controlled objects are destroyed, if he doesn't have his battle ball.

His battle ball and armor protect him from normal strains of the virus but it does not protect him from illnesses such as swink eye as he became ill with this in License To Noob. He also got sick with the flu in “Fluper Noobs” and because of this, he, along with Mem got infected with the virus despite having his battle ball with him at the time but the Noobs were quick to remove the virus from him . His insatiable love for candy's also considered a weakness as he once fell for a rocket ship that Count Venamus filled with candy and then the rocket ship took off with Zen inside with it ending with Zen plummeting hard on the ground when Mem pressed a self destruct button on a remote control for the ship.

Zen's revealed in Spooker Noobs! to have scoleciphobia, the fear of worms as shown when he along with Mem were revealed to be afraid of cave worms. It was implied that he also has lepidopterophobia, the fear of butterflies as shown when he was seen cringing as a result of them landing on him.


  • Zenblock has the ability to connect to the Noobs' battleballs in order to shapeshift them.
  • Zenblock goes by the name of Rob in his human form.
  • Zenblock's list of current known powers includes shape shifting, shrinking things, connecting to battle balls, controlling battle balls remotely, battle ball weapons, and teleporting.
  • Zenblock is one of four main characters to so far not have an official love interest with the others being Kevin, Shope, and Memnock. However he did show interest in romance as he and Mem flirted with two ladies at a coffee shop.
  • Zenblock apparently has an interest in western genres as he liked watching a western move in "Parent Teacher Noobs" and he dressed up as a cowboy while in Stuff-A-Puppy in "Noobs of the Round Table".
  • Zenblock shares some similarities with Dr. Jumba Jookiba from the Disney film Lilo and Stitch. Both of them are aliens from another planet, serve an intergalactic government, live on earth with an alien roommate, help out a child deal with an intergalactic threat, and speak in an Austrian/Russian accent. However unlike Jumba, Zenblock is not a mad scientist or evil genius, is less intelligent, has two eyes instead of four, is sometimes physically and verbally abusive towards his best friend and roommate, is more mean towards children, and has blue skin instead of purple.
  • He likes it when his mentor Chiquadotran touches his face in a way that causes him to make squeaky noises similar to a deflating balloon.


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